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Antenna Installation

At Sydney Antenna, we’re all about top-notch digital antenna setups. Our expert team will team up with you to pick out the suitable antenna based on where you live. Our tech pros will swing by your place, test out the signal for free, and then shoot you a no-cost estimate for the Primo antenna to give you the best TV reception.

How can we assist you?

We are here to set up your new antenna and hook it to your current cables at home. If your existing antenna needs fixing, we will also take care of that. If you’re having trouble with reception, the troubleshooting issue will also be cured. Our team will ensure all your TVs and equipment work smoothly with the new antenna. Once everything’s ready, we will tidy up by removing the packaging and arranging all the cables neatly.


100% Satisfaction

Our team as  local TV Antenna & Aerial Installation Experts

We have over 100,000 satisfied clients since 2016, and Sydney Antenna has become Australia’s leading full television antenna installation company.

In addition, the Sydney Antenna provides 100% satisfaction and guarantees all the work they do. All our new Australian-made antennas include a lifetime guarantee after installation. This will allow you to be carefree when it comes to your Television. Our technicians are local yet professional in their work to provide you with a secure connection and are ready to help you when needed in the best way they can.

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